Pay your utility bills (and more) with NZDD

08 July 2024

From the very first announcement of the NZDD launch PayItNow has been a key partner, offering a multifaceted crypto payments platform. We were delighted when recently they set up a new product, BillPay, to enable merchants throughout New Zealand to receive payments in NZDD in easier ways than ever. 

Some crypto assets have real-world financial value and utility. However, not many businesses have the means (or the time) to manage the storage of multiple cryptocurrencies, let alone protect against volatility by converting crypto revenue back to dollars. 

NZDD is part of the solution that allows businesses to transact on a borderless payments network (i.e. the blockchain) without them worrying about price volatility. That’s because NZDD is fully backed 1:1 by New Zealand Dollars. To expand the utility for NZDD, our partner offers BillPay to help customers pay their bills and invoices using NZDD — and the recipient to directly receive dollars. 

What is BillPay?

BillPay works by receiving crypto payments on behalf of recipients, converting the crypto assets into dollars (or a specific cryptocurrency), and then relaying the payments to the intended recipients. You can quickly try it out on without signing up. The feature is also available to PIN customers on the app.

Through BillPay, it’s now possible for NZDD to be used at many more merchants, even if these merchants don’t directly accept or store NZDD themselves. It’s a win-win situation — this system allows users to spend NZDD while merchants receive their preferred local currency.

Paying someone with NZDD

BillPay is a free website developed by PayItNow that enables Kiwis to instantly use NZDD and other tokens to pay someone like a contractor or freelancer (who will receive dollars). You can use it immediately without requiring you to create an account with PayItNow. 

All you have to do is to upload an invoice, and an AI will detect the bank account number to which you’re intending to send money. 

Once you’ve filled in the details which will help the website to process your payment, select NZDD and the dollar amount you’d like to transfer with it. Don’t forget to select DeFi in order to pay with your own self-custodial wallet.

Paying your utility bills with NZDD

The BillPay web app also comes with a list of known Kiwi businesses. You can select them to pay your utilities, phone and Internet bills, insurance, and even taxes and public services! 

You need to select Manual input on the very first step (Get Started), and then enter your email address so that their customer service can contact you if needed. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you can’t find a service you’re looking for, you’re free to contact us or PayItNow.

We’re so excited to see where we’re headed next! Stablecoins have been used largely by professional crypto traders, but we’re seeing beyond that — a new form of money that weaves itself into the modern New Zealand economy.

Find stability in a volatile market

Join the digital finance movement in New Zealand.

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