Introducing New Zealand’s stablecoin

NZDD is your gateway to the future of finance, combining the benefits of blockchain technology with the trust and stability of the New Zealand Dollar.

Every NZDD is backed 1-to-1 with NZ Dollars and is available instantly, globally, 24/7.

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Stake NZDD on Uniswap

Stake your NZDD and earn passive income from liquidity provider rewards on Uniswap. By becoming a liquidity provider, you earn fees from traders looking to swap NZDD with other tokens.

NZDD Stacking with Uniswap

NZDD for Builders

Easy Crypto Grants

NZDD is created to enable businesses and individuals across Aotearoa to embrace the digital future. If you want to include NZDD in your project, there may be funds available to supercharge your development. Together with Web3NZ, we will be reviewing pitches and approving grants for projects that take a giant leap forward.

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Built for Aotearoa

It's time for us to embrace the next age of digital finance. With a native New Zealand dollar stablecoin, you are free to safely make payments without a bank account to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

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100_ Backed by

100% backed by New Zealand Dollars

NZDD stablecoins are backed 1-to-1 with exactly equal amounts of New Zealand Dollars (NZD) deposited and held at a local bank to ensure that NZDD is always stable.

NZDD and You

NZDD is a versatile and practical stablecoin whether you are in Aotearoa or anywhere else in the world. Here are some ways you can use it:


Pay for everyday items through partners that offer crypto-backed credit cards in New Zealand.


Trade crypto with DeFi services easily and instantly.


Earn passive income by staking NZDD into liquidity pools.


NZDD is a great way to start getting involved in New Zealand's blockchain-based financial world.

Want to send money abroad, purchase everyday items or invest in crypto? NZDD can help you as it is a safe and stable cryptocurrency. It's always 100% backed by NZD held in a New Zealand bank.


The NZDD is a stablecoin that is backed 1-to-1 to New Zealand Dollars (NZD). It is issued by ECDD Holdings Ltd., and all redeemable NZD cash collateral are held in a bare trust at a local bank.

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