Introducing NZDD for businesses

NZDD is your gateway to the future of finance, harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology, combined with the trust and stability of the New Zealand Dollar.

Every NZDD is backed 1-to-1 with NZ dollars, but is available instantly, globally, 24/7

Benefits for businesses

Learn how NZDD can benefit businesses, from small enterprises to international corporations.

NZDD for businesses

NZDD empowers businesses to do more with New Zealand Dollars.

In the digital age, your financial side of the business can be automated. Pay employee salaries and purchase supplies from local and international markets without the delay or high transfer fees.

Receive customer payments with a payment network that runs 24/7, even during bank holidays.

NZDD Business


NZDD is a safe and trusted cryptocurrency to get involved in New Zealand's blockchain-based financial world. Whether you want to invest in crypto, or save for the long term, NZDD is a safe and stable crypto for the purpose. It's always 100% backed by NZD held in New Zealand banks.


The NZDD is a stablecoin that is backed 1-to-1 to New Zealand Dollars (NZD). It is issued by ECDD Holdings Ltd., and all redeemable NZD cash collateral are held in a bare trust at a local bank.

Bring your New Zealand Dollar to the blockchain