What is NZDD?

Developed by the same team who built Easy Crypto, NZDD is an NZD-backed stablecoin for use right here in New Zealand and beyond.

Introduction to NZDD stablecoin

What is NZDD exactly, and why is it secure? Check out this intro video for a quick overview.

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How does NZDD work?

Each NZDD token is backed 1-to-1 with New Zealand dollars. That means for every NZDD in circulation, dollar cash is stored securely in a local bank.

The process below gives an overview of the intricate accounting system that balances NZDD with NZ dollars, ensuring the token's stability.


An accredited wholesale party requests ECDD Ltd for large-scale minting of NZDD. Once the invoices have been paid, NZDD minting begins immediately, while NZ dollars are locked in a bare trust.

Who should use NZDD?

Individuals and businesses can enjoy a seamless digital payment experience using NZDD. Payments are settled without relying on traditional banking.

Crypto investors and financial institutions can swiftly convert between digital assets and a truly stable local currency. Invest in peace without needing to hold foreign currency-backed stablecoins.

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Buying & Selling NZDD

Learn how to buy or sell NZDD through Easy Crypto, and how to send and receive right from your wallet!

First, you’ll need a wallet that supports NZDD. The easiest way is to use the Easy Crypto Wallet which supports NZDD as well as many other crypto assets. 

Once you've set up your wallet:

  • Copy your receiving address
  • Provide the address to the exchange or person you are receiving from
  • Once funds have been sent, they will show in your wallet immediately.

NZDD and You

NZDD is a versatile and practical stablecoin whether you are in Aotearoa or anywhere else in the world. Here are some ways you can use it:


Pay for everyday items through partners that offer crypto-backed credit cards in New Zealand.


Trade crypto with DeFi services easily and instantly.


Earn passive income by staking NZDD into liquidity pools.


NZDD is a great way to start getting involved in New Zealand's blockchain-based financial world.

Want to send money abroad, purchase everyday items or invest in crypto? NZDD can help you as it is a safe and stable cryptocurrency. It's always 100% backed by NZD held in a New Zealand bank.

The team behind NZDD

The Easy Crypto team are proud to bring you a stablecoin for everyday use by New Zealand residents and everyone else across the globe.

Bring your New Zealand Dollar to the blockchain